Floor Plans

Our staff of trained professionals will hand sketch and laser measure your space to the nearest inch. We provide custom-tailored floor plans that utilize CAD software and electronically deliver the files in your choice of our provided formats. Our plans allow customers the ability to visualize a space relative to its size, which will leave a lasting impression and allow them to imagine their life in this space.



Standard on-site measures include:

Detailed square footage calculations based on BOMA standards.

Your choice of standard file format, 8.5″ x 11″ page size ( .pdf, .jpeg, .png )


Up to 1000 sqft.

Each additional sqft. = $0.05


Scaled and dimensioned .pdf (for planning purposes) = additional 25%
.dwg file (AutoCAD) = additional 50%
Site plan = $89.00
Door & Window Schedule = $49.00 up to 3000 sqft. additional $10/1000 sqft.
Basic electrical or plumbing location = $49.00 up to 3000 sqft. additional $10/1000 sqft.
Red-draw from existing plans = Discount 40% from standard on-site pricing
Add HDR photos: 1-13 = $49.00 , 14-26 = $99

Floor Plans

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